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Meet Our Team

The Scrambld Team works hard everyday to provide quality food and service to our customers. Our employees also work together to create a warm environment where every person and idea feels welcome.

William Malone

Chief Executive Officer 

"My name is Will Malone and I have the honor of serving as our CEO here at Scrambld. I fulfill this role by organizing our company and focusing on my employees, their strengths, and our future as a business. I enjoy playing the guitar and piano, as well as classes like Chemistry and Biology. I have so much love for my Scrambld family and I am excited to have the privilege of playing a part in this unique breakfast company that is dedicated to going against the grain!"

J.J Callaham

Chief Operating Officer

"My name is JJ Callaham and I am the COO here at Scrambld.  Here at Scrambld, I oversee the day-to-day operations, manage the implementation or marketing/sales strategies, and oversee mostly the Human Resources department, along with the Sales and Marketing departments.  Outside of Scrambld, I am a part of the Varsity Baseball team, enjoy going to the gym, and spending time with my family.  I'm beyond excited to be a part of the Scrambld family!"

Eliana & Kallee

HR Department

"Hi, we're Kallee and Eliana and we're the HR department here at Scrambld. Our job here is to organize, and plan the office work days to ensure that all of our business tasks are being completed. We also work to ensure everyone feels comfortable in this workplace environment. In our free time, we like to socialize with each other, sleep, listen to music, and enjoy time with our pets."

Scarlett Walker

Director of Sales

"Hello! My name is Scarlett Walker. I am director of sales which means
I retail our products and well... make sales! I get to talk to all of
our customers and give them information on our business and how they
can buy from us, and invest in us. Some of my hobbies are doing art, and playing guitar.

I also am a part of the Greer High Volleyball team where i play as the middle blocker." 

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